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Rolf A. Tobler


Avocat / Fürsprecher

Former Master of Arms and fine blade fencer, Rolf A. Tobler, was admitted to the bar as a "Fürsprecher" in Bern in 1988. Since then, he has represented individual and institutional clients in a number of civil and public law matters before the courts of all swiss cantons. With a wealth of professional experience, he is fully committed to working alongside his clients, whether with a view to reaching a solution or a court decision.

Publications :

Favre - Munoz - Tobler :

Le Contrat de travail Code Annoté (2010). Édition 2020 in preparation


Stephan Holländer & Rolf A. Tobler : Schweizer Urheberrecht im Digitalen Umfeld (2013)

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